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10 | Grab your Balls and be a Man about it!

09 | Every pOrtrait that is painted with feeling is a poRtrait of the aRtist, not the sitter.

08 | There's nOthing mOre daUnting than a blAnk canvas. Fill in quickly. WorRy about the deTail later.

07 |  Trying to be greAt or oUtstanding in art can be an overwhelming tHought. Just tRy and suck a bit less each dAy.

06 | wOrk to live, dOn't live to woRk.

05 | If the milk is spOiled and you pUt it back in the fridge, dOn't expect it to be better the nExt time you tAke it oUt.

04 | NobOdy's going to care how much you can think outside the bOx if you can't colour inside the lines.

03 | Everything in Art's been done, but it hAsn't been dOne by you.

02 | What dO you mean you don't have aCcess to life drawing classes? If you have intErnet, just go to gOogle and type "big tIts ass xxx" or something, and you should get millions of references!

01 | Better keep your mouth shut and be mIstaken for an iDiot than open it and prove that you aRe One.


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deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium (Asian)
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, RnB
Favourite style of art: Freestyle

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ErnestoRios Oct 15, 2012  Professional Photographer
thanks for the fave!!
1000maddy Nov 27, 2011  Student Photographer
happy birthday(:
maddy! I've just read your greeting.. thanks!:) It's been months since I've logged in again here in DA.. very busy with work and some other things.. how are you?
1000maddy Jan 8, 2012  Student Photographer
oh okay welcome(: im great just real busy with stuff too:/ how are you?
Oh no! I've been taaaaagged! :D
1000maddy Aug 25, 2011  Student Photographer
Shoot this arrow▬▬▬► to 10 people you're glad you met. . .
If you get 5 back you have a ~ BIG HEART.. 10xxxx <33
how about a bullet?hahaha
1000maddy Aug 31, 2011  Student Photographer
XD oh goshh
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